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C : COLOR ME BADD : Awakening

Текст песни All The Way

All The Way

Been checkin' your scene
Tell me how can I be down
All I want is all you got babe
I'm freaky bound
I feel it all over when your around
Keep savin' that honey love
Coz your daddy's back in town c'mon
I want you now, mama, every day and night
I wanna make love to you till the morning light
So just hold on, mama don't you close the door
I'll satisfy your wants and you'll be beggin' me for more
Suga c'mon


I'm diggin' your freaky style, lets take it all the way
Get kinky baby for a while, lets take it all the way
Ain't nothin' like gettin' down, lets take it all the way
We can kick it mama here and now
Lets take it all the way
Step to my game
Mama show me where your from
Coz I really don't wanna stop mama
Till the morning comes
We'll be making sweet love
Lets do it all
You feel just what I mean
I'm givin' everything you want


You know I gots the ahh,i know you gots the ooh
Yo all we need now is time for me and you
It's a little crazy, you's a little wild
Put'em both together and you got a freaky style
Freaky style
Yo. put'em both together and you got a freaky style


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