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C : COLOR ME BADD : Awakening

Текст песни I'll Never Love This Way Again

I'll Never Love This Way Again

Tell me baby do you know that I've tried
To show you how I feel
Since your love has gone
Yes I know that you loved me when I left you
With tears in your eyes
Now I miss your smile
Yes I know, yes I know...that your gone


Guess I've gone and done it again
Truth is that I never thought I'd miss your love
Now it's all I'm dreamin' of
Watched my luck run out on a chance
Now I see that life will never be the same
Iknow I'll never love this way again
Anything I'd do just to get down
And get it on one more time
If just for a little while
Cause I know that the sun stopped shining
When your heart stopped beating with mine
And I thought you knew
I'd never make it without you


Baby I can't give up
And I got to believe
I was a prisoner since you shined your light on me
And now I've got to turn around
Untill salvation is found
I never imagined livin' without you
Oh, I can't breathe without you babe
I'll never love this way again
My baby's long long long gone
My heart stopped beating when
I lost her lovin' arms but
From this day I ain't gonna stop believin' no
Cause your the only one
The only one the only one I ever loved


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