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C : COLOR ME BADD : Awakening

Текст песни It's Gonna Be Alright

It's Gonna Be Alright


It's gonna be alright
Summertime, gettin' buck wild
Kickin' it with the ladies yeah yeah
It's gonna be alright
Summertime gettin' buck wild
Kickin' it with the honies yeah yeah
Everybody's got a wild side
And what I got for you girl I just can't hide no
See I been checkin' you out
Time to make a move mama ain't no dought
Said we gonna have a little fun
Put down the drop top in the summer sun


Now listen close to what we say
In the 98 we go all the way
So hey girl, what you wanna do
You can bring a friend, she can bring her crew
Meet me round at the club around 9
Wear that red dress you sure look fine
Now all the summertime harmonies
From the east and west they all over me
Cmb you know they my homies
Now pretty girl come ride the pony pony


It's that summer life
And it's takin' me high
We got this feelin' so right
So c'mon we gonna fly


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