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C : COLOR ME BADD : Now & Forever

Now & Forever
Текст песни Someone's Missing Love

Someone's Missing Love

(european bonus track)

Heal me with you desire
You're taking me higher
Baby be my remedy
Touch me, baby just hold me
My one and only in the land of love.

I think about it
I can't stop thinking about tonight girl it
Just ain't right you keep me hanging on.
I feel a love so strong
And I just want to show you and hold you
But baby I'm alone


Someone's missing love
And it looks like that someone's gonna be me
Baby oh (repeat)

Feel me baby require
All that you need girl
I'll accommodate
Darling there is no price
I could pay baby for the love you gave
You are my jewel of the nile
I walk a thousand miles to get to this
Love of yours oh baby
When we get together
(I say) we're inseparable
Bout now I'm not with you
I want to do oh what we did before

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