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Текст песни Pulling Out a Win

Pulling Out a Win

You were so behind the scenes
I was the karaoke king
Full of narcissistic rage,
You were there when I stepped off the stage
With your fingers in the wedding cake,
You spread those fingers all over my face
I knew right there in that special place,
That we were born to multiply

(chorus) we can never give up, we can never pack it in
If we're shit outta luck, if I sink when I swim
We can never give up, we can never pack it in
People pulling to a stop, we'll be pulling out a win

Now you're still so young and lean
Still I'm a 10th grade drama queen
Working for my desmond child hook
You told me hey boy , take another look
At the northern stars and summer sweat
Springtime in toronto, how could I forget
In the winter under covers we build our nest
Ooh legs and breasts and all that good stuff
The future is spelled out in the stars, the future is spelled out in the stars
But my telescope don't see that far
So here I cry if only, if only

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